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New to Feng Shui? Here’s How to Get Started



Feng shui may be an ancient Chinese practice, but its ideas for creating a clean, comfortable and inspiring home are still very useful today. If you’re new to feng shui, these simple tips will show you how to get started creating positive energy and great flow throughout your home. Clear out the clutter. The first […]

Kasala: Fine Furniture in Bellevue



To create a sleek and modern living space, Kasala might be a great destination. Since 1987 Kasala has been beautifying Bellevue homes with its lovely stock of furniture. This furniture store specializes in modern pieces, perfect for young professionals and those with an eye on aesthetically minimal style. Kasala carries many interesting items, from substantial […]

No-Fail Ways to Introduce Print and Patterns into Your Decor



To make your living space more interesting, experts suggest using at least three different patterns for your room. Mixing prints in a space can add more color and can give your room a unique atmosphere. Follow these simple tips to incorporate color and patterns into your decor without overwhelming your space. Start by choosing a […]

Enjoy Food and Drink Inspired by Ernest Hemingway at Bottle and Bull



Chef Stephen Paulson's dishes are always made from scratch at Bottle and Bull. That point is driven home in the restaurant's tagline: Scratch Kitchen and Craft Cocktails. So, you can be assured that every dish that's placed in front of you at this Kirkland restaurant is created from fresh ingredients in the kitchen every day. […]

Super-Simple Ways to Add a Splash of Color to Your Home



Curious about color? Even adding the smallest amount of color to your decor can make a huge difference. Here are some tips to help you add a splash of color to your home—without having to pick up a paint brush! Start out with a generous amount of neutrals. These colors will act as your canvas […]

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