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Lynne’s Bistro: French Fusion Cuisine



Lynne's Bistro is a one woman show, and the founder, owner, chef, reservation taker, and sometimes server does it all well. The chef's cosmopolitan background translates into a menu that fuses cuisines from around the world into some quite unique tastes. The sauces, for instance, are fragrant, complex, and unique. Diners at lunch rave about […]

Marymoor Park Concerts



Summer is almost here! That brings great weather, great times with friends and family, and new adventures are about to be had! Going to a concert at Marymoor Park (http://www.marymoorconcerts.com/events) brings all those together as well as so much more! It is hard to beat a nice and crisp summer night that is filled with […]

Breathe New Life Into a Tired Sofa With These Styling Tips



A well-styled sofa can really make a difference in the over all look of your living room. Even a perfectly good, beautiful sofa can seem dull without the right styling elements. Follow these simple tips to help spruce up your sofa. Update your rug to one with a bold pattern. This can define a neutral […]

Seattle Ice Cream Festival!



Summer is just around the corner and we are all getting so excited for these next few months! Warmer weather means more time outside, hopefully you have a nice vacation lined up, and of course it is the perfect time to eat lots and lots of ICE CREAM! Start celebrating a little early at the […]

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